Life lessons from an ECG!

I have been having pain in my legs since few days and thus went to see an ayurvedic doctor.

Today( 5th Aug,2018) morning, I met Dr Dinesh, an ayurvedic doctor, at Sri Sri Panchakarma in Bangalore . He did my pulse diagnosis( nadi padiksha) and while writing prescription we started talking.

Our discussion took a philosopical route when he shared something very deep.

Dr Dinesh :’Look at the ECG. What do you see’

Myself : A chart with Lot of ups and downs.( I was a bit surprised and a bit curious)

Dr Dinesh : What will happen when the ECG shows a flat line?

Myself : Person is dead. Life ends..

Dr Dinesh : Yes (With a gentle smile). Life is like an ECG.. Ups and down like an ECG keeps the life going. If there are a no ups and down (flat line in a ECG), life ends. So enjoy the ups and down.

In a 2 min conversation , he has shared a completely different perspective on how I looked at ECG.

Myself : WoW.. That’s so simple and profound.

Dr Dinesh : Yes it is.

‘Whenever we are feeling down, let’s look at the ECG and feel happy that its not a flat line ‘ 

While I came to address a physical issue, I got a simple and profound wisdom. I thanked Dr Dinesh and left.

While coming back to home, I reflected on 2 questions

What does flat line in an ECG symbolize ?

Flat line symbolized that there is no change..

What do up’s and down in the ECG Symbolize ?

It symbolizes Change .

ECG Helped me deepen my understanding

Change is good .Without change life becomes lifeless….

What do you think ?

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