It’s time to thank the real person

I had finished breakfast a bit late today…very yummy breakfast in the form of ‘Chole Bathure’.

As I sipped my morning tea, a set of scenes flashed.

During my 10 board exam, I use to study till late. One lady will come every night and check if I was still awake or needed something. She will always ask with a smile ‘ Beta , Kuch laaon’..(Son, Shall I bring something for you).

When my 10nth Grade results came, she distributed sweets in the whole neighborhood.

During my IIT JEE preparation, every day one lady will pray for my success.

After my selection, I boarded the train from Jhansi to Varanasi, and I could see a lady waving, smiling, blessing and crying at the same time. Even after 25 years, the scene is vividly clear.

When I was preparing for my campus placements, the same lady said ‘Everything would be OK ‘. I knew that she was praying every day.

Every time I was undergoing professional stress, this lady will somehow know and smiling say ‘Beta Ser daba doon’ (‘Son, let me massage your head’)

Even if she was tired and couldn’t get up, She would say ‘Let me make your favorite Gajar ka halwa( Carrot pudding)’

By now I guess you may have figured out who this mysterious lady is..

Yes, she is my mother.

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Why did these scenes flash today?

As I was telling my kids about mother’s day, I remembered my mother. I called her, and the call was very emotional. As I wished and thanked her, her voice changed and she cried.. I tried to resist, but I cried too..

We often thank our colleagues, clients, team members, supervisors, mentors, wife, children for our professional success.

Today on mother’s day, its time to say thank you to our mother, whose unconditional love and faith is one of the key reason for our professional achievements.

Her unconditional love, blessings and best wishes are with us from the day we were born and will continue to be with us till for time immemorial.

Isn’t it!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you!

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