Can I get one year extra every 4 years?

You may be wondering what Akshay Kumar, Bollywood Superstar, has to do with this article.

Sometimes one single moment can be transformative and Akshay Kumar helped us create such a moment on last Sunday ,2nd Sep 2018.

It was a usual cosy Sunday and my two sons (Tanish and Aarav) were enjoying every moment of it. In the morning they went to play football in Play arena, then they went to meet their little cousin sister. In the afternoon, they attended birthday party of one of their closest friend.

I went to pick them up at 4 pm, as usual they were taking their own sweet time to come down. During this time , I opened Youtube and Saw Akshay kumar 2 min video

In this Video , Akshay shares 3 simple truths to pristine health

  1. Waking up at 4 am

He says that he doesn’t remember a single day when he has not see Sunrise. WoW !

2. Exercising daily for 1 hr

3. Not eating after 6:30 pm in the evening

As I was reflecting on the video and its 3 learnings , Tanish and Aarav came and they were beaming with Joy

Myself : Beta( Son) , You guys had fun ?

Tanish : Yes Daddy, we had a great time . Ate lot of food and played .

Aarav was in happy state and his contended smile conveyed everything

I started the car and then started the conversation.

Myself : Beta , Could you listen to this 1 min video . This is from Akshay Kumar uncle.

Both: OK daddy

After they finished the Audio , we discussed the 3 learnings and then I asked.

Myself: Beta , What time do you wake up every morning ?.

Tanish : 6:30 am

Myself: Beta , What time do you friends wake up every morning.

Aarav: 6:30 am

Myself: OK. Akshay Kumar Uncle wakes up at 4 am but let’s try 5 am first . If you wake up at 5 am daily ,How many hours will you have extra in a day .

Tanish : 1.5 hr

Aarav : 1.5 hr ( in a raised and excited tone.. He is very good in maths)

Myself : Great ! How many hours can you have extra in month?

Tanish : Daddy.. 30*1.5 = 45

Myself : Correct !.. Do you know 45 hours per month means 540 extra hours in a year

Tanish :Wow ! (His mouth is open)

Myself : You know in 4 years this is equal to 540*4= 2160 extra hours. In a day there are 8 working hours. Assuming a 22 working days in a month, We work 2112 hours in a year. That means you will get 1 additional year extra every 4 years if you wake at 5 am everyday.

Both of them were excited, speechless and very very surprised. What followed next was more surprising…

Tanish: Please wake me up at 5 am

Aarav : I also want to wake up at 5 am

You know how kids copy each other but this time i could sense it was different.

I was very happy to see their reaction .I told them to take rest today because they had a long day and also because Mon, Sep 3 was a school holiday . In the morning they both shared this with their mother with lot of excitement. Their mother was also astonished.

In the evening ,Both kids had brushed their teeth and we were about to go to bed.

At 9: 15 pm on Mon , Aarav told me the following

Aarav: Daddy, Please wake my up at 5 am.( With an innocent smile)

My 9 year old Son saying this with so much innocence and conviction.

I couldn’t have asked for more . I was a bit emotional and said.

Myself : I will wake you up both . Good Night Guys !

Today 4th Sept ,I started waking them up at 5:11 am and they both were awake at 5:30 am.

What followed next was one of the most memorable mornings for us as a family.

We first did drawing/reading and then went to our terrace to see the sunrise and enjoy nature.

Then we went Cycling.

We live in Bangalore Suburbs, near farmlands. Enjoying the clouds, sunrise , birds chirping on the terrace and farmlands while cycling was a memorable experience .

One of the three (Tanish, Aarav , Mywife ) said , it looks we have horses in the clouds to welcome us.

This all happened because a 9 year old and a 12 year old believed that they can get one year extra every 4 years if they wake up at 5 am.

For that and for inspiring us to experience such a wonderful morning , We have only one person to thank..Charismatic and Inspiring Akshay Kumar.

Thanks a lot Akshay!

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