Have What It Takes To Harness The "True Spirit Of Sales"?

Selling is more than generating revenue. our powerful ecosystem for social entrepreneurship makes selling more fulfilling and changes lives as a whole!

This is how we define the true spirit of sales

What is salespreneur?

Salespreneur is an ecosystem to harness the “true spirit of sales.” And the goal is simply to create epic sales. A Salespreneur believes that Sales is social entrepreneurship because every sale is an opportunity to bring joy, generate a livelihood, create value for customers, and eventually build wealth for the economy.

Bring joy

Every sale brings joy to first the one selling, then the client, after that the employees and stakeholders of the company, and eventually the society at large.

Generate livelihood

Due to the work of the sales team of a company, the employees of the company receive their salary. This should be a matter to take pride in for the salesman.

create value

A true salesman, a Salespreneur, is driven by the mission to create tangible value for his or her customers. This can happen only when one sells with genuine love for the client.

build wealth for the economy

Think about it. Collectively, all the sales in a country eventually drives the country’s economic growth. If sales drop, the economy regresses.


Narrating 31 experiences from Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumers (B2C) and Personal life scenarios, this book reveals one simple and powerful sales strategy to create EPIC Sales in Business and  Life. What’s more, it provides you with an easy to implement and clear blueprint of this strategy.

Recommended by
industry leaders & academicians

Dr. G. Sridhar

Professor (Marketing), Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode.

Sages and seers through their ancient texts conveyed how to live and conduct ourselves through cases/stories. They continue to remain etched in the mind for several years. This is exactly what Amit is conveying through 'USE CASE' for selling. This NICE and powerful engagement tool is timely and wisely presented. It’s an excellent CASE for success for every sales person.

Sam Cawthorn

CEO, Speakers Institute and Best Selling Author of ' Bounce Forward ' and ' Storyshowing'

What makes this book unique and memorable is that it tells true sales stories in both business and life. And through these powerful stories, one extraordinary sales strategy emerges. A ‘must read’ for all.

D.V.R. Seshadri

Clinical Full Professor of Business in the Marketing Area, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

Amit Agarwal's book, The Ultimate Sales Accelerator, is fascinating and lucid. It has demystified selling. It is easy and fun to read, and if the skills described in the book are practiced, the results could be extraordinary. It is based on stories of success achieved by deploying the techniques described in the book in multiple situations and contexts. The techniques elucidated in the book are field-tested, which provides confidence and nudges the reader to try them out, and thereafter improvise on the technique.

Rajesh Pandit

Managing Partner - La Hoya Business Accelerators and Visiting faculty at IIM Ahmedabad

This book, written by Amit, is a jargon-free easy read, which is rare for a book on sales. It is replete with real-life relatable experiences and examples that will be valuable for people interested in pursuing careers in Customer Facing roles. Questioning for better insights and metaphors for effective communication are clearly my favourite takeaways from the book.

Bhavish Sood

General Partner, Exponential Innovation Fund and Board Member at Medimetry

Practical tips from a geek’s transition from deploying analytics to running multi-million sales quotas. Amit bares it all from growth challenges, building and managing teams to scaling Saas and consumer businesses. A must-read for modern businesses trying to build a sustainable growth business.

Hari T.N.

Head HR, Bigbasket.com & Co author of 'Cut the Crap & Jargon - Lessons from the startup Trenches'

An inspiring book that illustrates how great story-telling and use cases are essential tools for an effective sales pitch. Treating a prospect as a user and not as a buyer can make all the difference. Read this book and it will help you re-imagine selling. Entertaining and yet insightful!

Dr. Santanu Paul

Founder and CEO, TalentSprint, Independent Director and Chairman of Innovation Council, National Payments Corporation of India

Amit has combined his remarkable in-field sales experience with a strong framework orientation, and made a compelling case for Use Case selling. The beauty of the book lies in its startling simplicity, rich anecdotes, and sharp insights. A must read for all professionals.

Amar Sheth

VP, Sales for Life, Social Selling Evangelist

Sales are made when a vendor's offering matches a buyer's need. While this holds true it doesn't provide context or depth on how sellers can craft their messaging and tailor the buying experience in a modern, efficient and frictionless way. This is where Amit's work in Use Case Selling is valuable to both sales leaders and practitioners. This is a must-read treatise on modern sales which simplifies what many in sales struggle with today: what to say and how to position the offering. Beyond this, the work provides fresh thinking and stories from Amit's extensive international career. If you seek to uplevel your career in a world of information noise, Use Case Selling™ can help in a significant way.

Atul Jalan

CEO & MD Manthan Systems and Author of 'Where will man take us?'

Establishing trust, understanding and sharing the feeling of another, communicating one’s point of view - ethos pathos logos – are the three legged stool on which any agreement, any accord sits. Amit through examples drawn from various areas of life, personal and professional, expertly and passionately explains the science of the art of persuasion, of the business of selling.


I attended Amit’s webinar on 3 sutras. It was like Buddha’s 4 Noble truths for Sales. Most-Few-None was one thing that appealed to me the most. Amit’s approach of treating sales as a service to the society and having a giving mindset is very crucial for every entrepreneur and salesperson, according to me.

Ishwar Dali

Business Development Manager, Pratomate Solutions LLP


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